Which makes RuneScape a truly singleplayer experience

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It would probably be advisable simply to OSRS gold sell an offline version of RuneScape for a fixed cost, maybe like $100-$150, which seems like a whole lot, but the absolute amount of content in RuneScape, together with RuneScape being an MMO to start with… seems fair to me. You would be able to play with rs offline as an ironman more or less, which makes RuneScape a truly singleplayer experience, with the cost of not needing any hiscores or people to chat with. Idk how large the demand for that is tho.

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Wanna learn another common death boss or zulrah? Because you have to pay to reclaim each and every time to all of your things, get fucked. Want to acquire a crystal tool seed? Because the fall rate is 10, get bent sideways. Why not Zulrah you have to pay for Vorkath? I really don’t agree on the amount, but there’s good reason to charge you for dying at Zulrah.

Vork is disproportionately easier than zulrah though. Just dodge fire ball and continue during phase that is acid. Zulrah is very unforgiving for people learning it, I know individuals who take like 20-30 tries only to get their journal kc.

A rough draft was suggested by them and buy runescape mobile gold are encouraging ideas. They’re not trying to make RuneScape worse. In the development of anything, literally anything, until it is proper, edited and a draft needs to be proposed. Definitely, I am just worried it is likely to be overly punishing of a method (as an ironman). In addition, I don’t like that they’ve already told us that they will not make it a poll, so that’s also worrisome since we’ve seen a reasonable share of bad updates like bounty hunter which they’ve designed.


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