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Tom Nook will give you the Animal Crossing Items DIY recipe for the campsite as soon as you ask him for hints about the best way to further the growth of the island at Resident Services. From here set up the campsite as a temporary housing station and you need to assemble the necessary stuff. After you have done visits from residents will happen as days go by – keep a look out for a tent.

Whilst some of those travelling strangers may be content with their own houses, some will be dreaming about life on distant shores and, should you ask them, you may be able to convince them to move to your island.

As well as waiting to randomly appear at the campsite, you can speed the procedure up by heading into the Nook Stop within Resident Services. Here you are able to invite villagers find in conjunction with the or to stay using their amiibo card? machine. Not all Animal Crossing amiibo are compatible with this technique, however, and you’ll have to use every card three times and craft the camper’s desired objects each time so as to coax them to stay on your island. Hey, Angus was wanted by you!

You can see just how many villagers you’ll need to interest K.K Slider by checking in with Isabelle at the counter in Resident Services. Ask her about the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells ‘island evaluation’ and she’ll list each of the ways you need to boost your island to get that three-star score.


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