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The Philadelphia Eagles may have only lost by 8 points, but their place is about their roster that was active for the playoffs. Out of all the the Madden 20 coins teams that made it, the Eagles were the disabled as a result of numerous injuries among their starting roster. The hits were being with their top three wide receivers as well as their two best offensive linemen. In spite of the tiny quantity of hope which was abandoned, their quarterback was knocked out of the game because of getting symptoms, against the Seahawks.

It is weird to have the Patriots that low on any list having to do with the playoffs as they have become the dominant team in the NFL postseason the past two decades.

The truth of the matter is they just weren’t an excellent football team this season out of their shield, which towards the end of the year began to demonstrate its weak spots. Even the Tom Brady fans are having to admit that era is starting to play a factor in his performance, which is just made worse by the lack of talent he has been put around by that the team.

The most shocking loss on buy Mut 20 coins Wildcard weekend had to be the Minnesota Vikings throttling the New Orleans Saints within the Super Dome. Drew Brees and dependable offense were shut down. Brees looked at his deteriorating arm-strength limited what Sean Payton can do from a perspective and points. The Saints have some decisions to make in the offseason because their string of playoff letdowns continues.


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