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While a little more memorable about wow classic gold PvP realms because of it being the hottest of the leveling zones that are contested, the lovely forests of Ashenvale stand in contrast to Hordeareas. Which ends up being somewhat ironic, as we know that the Horde reason for invading is to cut down and harvest its timber that is abundant. Irregular PvP, the debut of faction competition, and long-winded quests like The Ashenvale Hunt, Satyr Horns, and Warsong Supplies all make Ashenvale hard to overlook.

As if you didn’t grind sufficient beasts Swamp of Sorrows is completely littered with them. You will find over a few quests asking you to eliminate these. But that’s not all this dull and waterlogged area has to offer you.

There’s also the Emerald Whelpling grind, the mysterious Sunken Temple, along with a little tribe of gaunt dranei.It’s one of these zones which doesn’t describe itself too much, leaving a lot of the finer information regarding its people up to your creativity. When you’re not overly preoccupied genociding swamp jaguars and oversized spiders naturally That’s.

The Stonetalon Mountains are a hassle. The classic gold passageways through these are found in the canyons between the hills themselves, which necessarily cause some redundant back and forth. Made worse by the lack of your bracket. But this driven quests’ flavor here is astonishing. The tasks they have you finish really flesh the tauren race out of as stewards of their world. Their requests are also hard on account of this mob density in areas like the Charred Vale, Stonetalon Peak, and Windshear Crag.


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