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Ranger is PSO2 Meseta also a fantastic choice because of its abilities that are ranged and provides some utility choices that Gunner does not have. And should you would like a bewitching cowboy (or woman ) Summoner is the selection. As a sub-class, Gunner does not offer many skills that are helpful. You may have the ability to get a niche use.

As Force is to Techter, hunter would be to Fighter. Techter offers the most useful abilities, rounding sourcing bonuses out and boosting PP recovery. There’s another choice, although it’s the clear best choice.

Summoner doesn’t have as PP management that is good but lets Force focus more on damage that is severe, which makes it great for bosses. Fighter is always a harm option, but you are going to be damaging for PP when projecting. Force isn’t a subclass how much you may choose to utilize a caster that is hybrid. Its own Skill Tree works for itself since crime Techs are not really used by any course.

The best subclass for Techter, like most, is Hunter or Fighter. Fighter will let you put into enemies with your whilst boosting your Photonic Fury and Techs. Hunter will provide more durability at the buy meseta pso2 same time you building a Techter almost unkillable and cure, buff your self. Summoner is an option almost on par with Hunter, if you don’t need a. Grab an All-Classes katana to trigger Photonic Fury quicker and cast with it also. By supplying buff skills your hybrid mage craving cans satisfy and a few offensive techs but does not provide much else.


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