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Please assist… the madden 20 free coins death game in this madden is atrocious. Opposing QBs throw over 85% completions vs me their DBs run better routes on my passes compared to my WRs do. How do I make the proper adjustments to get my men open and in turn how can I adjust my defense so that they don’t have some guy wide open 20 yards downfield all the time? It’s infuriating feeling as I am not accountable for what happens and that I see folks online or YouTube throw for like 400 yards and I am blessed to throw for over 200 guys just are not receptive. Is it everyone running cheese plays that I’m not aware of what am I missing?

Playbook is everything. Get used to some playbook, set custom audibles, and repetition. I’m in the center of year 6 of my franchise (all madden) and for the initial five years I used the exact same customized playbook. The first 2-3 years were demanding. I had been lucky to get 180 yards passing a game, along with a 2:1 TD:INT ratio. However, I kept with it and continue year my QB had 4800 yards, 52 TDs and 13 INTs. My coach retired and that I hired kyle Shanahan. To keep it realistic I changed playbooks to san Francisco’s and this year I’d 4000 yards, 41 TDs and 29(!!) INTs. Playbook is everything.

A lot of what made be a better passer was slowly adding tools into my own game. I spent a great deal of time in practice mode. First Id look a play on you-tube like a”cover 3 beater.” Then I would start bringing it into actual games. Then Id look to a cover 1/2/4 beater and replicate the procedure. Once you begin to run and determine why specific plays beat certain coverage its easier for you to understand what custom hot paths you can call that will get open against the defense. Finally you may no longer be relying on cash plays but studying the defense and sexy routing your Wrs in places to be successful.Use to only be able to run alternating moves, now best way to get coins madden 20 I can sort of throw dots.


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