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One curious inconsistency that players have commented upon again and again is how the land we see encompassing the area of OSRS gold could not possibly be large enough to accommodate all the exotic locations and huge stretches of land which the quests take place in. This is clarified via Scale Theory. The theory posits that the actual land we view will be filtered down to its bare basics, stripped of of the huge complexities which in fact exist across its geography. That’s why the land we see and what we encounter are two distinct things.

We noted that Runescape has become the most popular MMO in the Earth, like, ever. That means there are a whole lot of players doing a whole lot of playing at the game, and the game is keeping track of those moments.

It’s been estimated that the playing time for Runescape comes outside to 443 billionminutes. To put that in perspective, if a player was to be the one to perform that Runescape, he would have to have begun playing the game all the way back!

The other fact than it’s impressive about the Cheap Runescape gold game which is more puzzling is the players like to lol in the game. It’s been estimated that someone lols from the game on a typical every 10 seconds. That’s 6,048,000 lols in weekly!


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