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I believe these are nice but the bonuses need Mut 21 coins to be nerfed a tiny bit but I do think having the ability to alter a players team (if he played there in the past) is an enjoyable thing and should not be restricted to powerups (another reason to simply eliminate powerups). I enjoy training to a specific level but lets face it we only enjoy it because it is a way we can get in over EA if they mess up a re roll place but if we’re eliminating power ups consider it gone too, it is really just another sort of alternate currency that makes finally ends up making the MUT auction house stale and that which is priced based on training cost per coin instead of the energy level and popularity of a card (there are some exceptions but mostly that is how it is).

If EA and ROLB lists him RE and releases a card of a player but play that I ought to have the ability to place that participant at ROLB. However this won’t enable you to set a player at a position they don’t play with IRL. (Exception being OOP promo).MUT has been a reskin for years and years, it is obsolete and clunky. The shop needs to have a bunch qty option for men and women that want to buy numerous packs. Sets should be brighter and less tedious to finish (referring to the action of incorporating everything to some set). Binder complete rehaul with a card option until Lock is removed, so you set can not ever quicksell or auction the card. Auction Block having a maximum bid input and adding choices could be fine, not capping auctions at 20 are great also. That would take forever it’s time for a change although really I can list many modifications.

Give more packs in each style one of the greatest joys in MUT is opening a bunch and getting lucky provide us more opportunities with this or possess like a select one system” Random — OVR Elite or Game Changer Pack” only one example I thought of. This is a controversial one but eliminate them completely and replace with 2 team masters (64 total players) who have staff fosters into certain stats for players of the same group (no physical boosts though) I’m trying to get away from similar appearing squads and everyone having the same Tillman and Tory Holt. Team Masters will scale with accomplishments but it will not feel anywhere near as grindy as MUT master is instead it will be tied to wins and a monthly list that won’t burn people out weeklyand each week, it will cap at a OVR.

It’s a system lengthy solo challenge encourages and to buy Madden nfl 21 coins it’s just a race to maximum level. One adjustment you could make to the present system is rewarding players with XP gains from wins in weekly battles head to head and one of a kind solo challenges that could only be earned once a completion. An alternative move the rewards you receive out of it to a new achievement based system which has its own pros and cons too and could be just removing it, I will be honest that this is a demanding one. Should not just be Platinum Card and LTDs Base Elite cards. Every elite card launched in Madden nfl ought to have a platinum version that you can luck into pulling I feel this makes pack pulling fun knowing you may land a coin quick sell bonus


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