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Now buy RS gold might’ve been my favourite day of flows so far this Jingle Jam. All day quality flows. Highlight of the afternoon was unquestionably the mystery stream though.I feel awful for Rythian because people always attempt to discredit him or phone him sour when very frequently he isn’t being salty. Nothing makes you more happy quicker than being called angry once you aren’t.

It will not help when another Yogs pile on using their salt, which like Rythian said, makes some lovers flooding him with hate and feel warranted about’s actually gone way beyond a joke at this time, and it will get a bit annoying, since Rythian is among the coolest guys on the market. And it feels somewhat patronising that whenever he wins recently, they’re all’Oh, well, I figure that happened but me and Duncan desire our big war anyway’ to decide who actually wins from us cause we do not like that you won.

Or in this particular one, where it feels like Lewis is being a bit sore and’Well, you just got handed it by Spiff’ and crap. I know I know, they are blah and all friends.. But yeah, I feel sorry for Rythian, cause it seems just like he can not win either way using a chunk of the fanbase.It’s hard. Likely if they had attacked him early (like they said they ought to have in hindsight) he would have been upset about it. But who would not have been upset about an making money on runescape assault that was uninitiated?


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