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Mut 21 coins player retires after being on madden cover. He has to be cursed. Madden NFL participant has great year after appearing on pay, however, the year after large bruising running back eddie george has significantly less prosuction.

Hes cursed! Marshall faulk at the tail end of his career appears on cover. Misses games still posts over 1450 scrimmage yards rather than tops 1000 yards rushing (let us hide the fact that he topped over 1100 scrimmage yards just two of the next 3years and then retires) Must be cursed! Has any regression and only puts up 897 yards and 7 touch downs and retires at age 31 (at a position known for being spilled on the body especially when you bag the rock for 300 times in consecutive years.)

YUGE CURSE! Drew Brees throws 4 more interceptions than his previous high of interceptions. Lets ignore the fact he threw for 30+ TDs and 4500+ yards and concur He had been murdered. AB a infamous drama queen had a phenomenal season after being on the cover. But wait. You’re saying he went insane? Must have been the madden cover curse not the continuous brain injuries or drugs or his own ego and mental health problems.. Also injuries happen, the very fact it happens to some Madden NFL player who appears on a pay is coincidental.

I wouldn’t say it slipped Mahomes, he still had a fairly gnarly knee injury that required him from buy Madden 20 coins games. I wouldn’t say he obtained completely jumped. Guarantee you if you inquire Lamar”hello you are going to get injured early season and come back and win the branch and win the super bowl,” he’d take it. The Madden curse has never been the”You won’t win the super bowl” curse.


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