Missions is the instrument that will get you there

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Missions aren’t what is used to give you rewards in Madden Ultimate Team. Instead, think of Missions as the vehicle for you to that reward to buy mut coins. And a Mission may not always be based one particular thing off. As an example, a Mission may be something like”Earn 50 Series Trophies.” Missions will connect you to all the play experiences such as H2H Seasons, Squad Seasons, Solo Battles, etc., those areas where you can earn those Series Trophies on your way to finishing said Mission.

Think of it as a roadmap to getting the best items from your favorite programs. Want to get that MUT Master thing (for instance )? Missions will be your step-by-step guide about the best way best to attain that aim, whether it’s through Ultimate Challenges, Squad Seasons, the Auction House, finishing a trophy set, or a different drama experience, Missions is the instrument that will get you there in the most effective manner.

Ultimate Challenges is the next step in the evolution of what was called Solo Challenges. Solos, no more! One of the adjustments in Ultimate Challenges is a star-based rewards program that is brand new. You will have the ability before beginning an Ultimate Challenge of madden mut coins. The higher the amount of stars, the higher the difficulty and intensity of this challenge.

If you’d like a more casual experience, you can pick one celebrity. The challenge gets harder, in any variety of ways, to finish, once you start bumping up the celebrity level. Thus, you can finish an Ultimate Challenge on one star to get comfortable with it. You can work your way up along with will reveal the star level.


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