Jagex is among the RS gold n businesses

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I swear Jagex is among the RS gold n businesses at running their business. Fuck is paid by them. For OSRS you are made to work with spaghetti code (so you will not be developing your skills for contemporary programing) and live in Cambridge one of the most expensive places to reside in the UK. And for all that you get payed a wage. The higher ups at Jagex are fucking the runescape players and they’ve been for years.

I am tired. I go into solmon store and I see that the legendary pets are like $20 each. Some ensemble packages go up to $37 dollars each.If these games had no intrusive stores and sold cosmetic items at reasonsable prices then I’d have no problem.It annoys me when they do things like have a mythical pet price about $20 in rune coins and then make it so it takes 40 hours to fully grow. And then give you food only obtainable through the money store for 400 each when you spent just like 900 to the pet.

Game designers are designing their matches frustrating and badly on purpose just to utilize psychological tactics to create their cash shops more effective.It’s not enough that we’re paying for membership every month at about precisely the same price that a wow runescape player would pay but they also throw ads at us continuously by continuously throwing treasure hunter keys in us and events. I’m not a moron I know what predatory business practices seem like.I mean they don’t even make store prices at even amounts so that you can actually buy exactly what you fastest way to earn money in runescape want without having to pay for a higher package.


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