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How does this work? Have you got a video? Sounds ridiculous but Mut 20 coins I am intrigued. Why have a silver punter instead of a punter that is gold or a QB? I am not really in the know with Madden but this sounds absurd.

I don’t have any video but if you tune in you’ll see it. So the reason why he uses a silver punter is because they use a game style called salary cap at which each card is assigned a certain value and you’ve got a limit for your team. So a silver punter takes up a great deal less”cap” compared to a golden or regular Qb so he is free to use that additional cap space someplace. So it takes a shorter animation to hand the ball off also is left handed.

I see. The excessive linemen to overpower the notorious hb and the defensive line stretch I have heard a lot about? IIRC the AI can’t respond to conduct plays or something. An extremely clever way of sport knowledge that is completely utilizing.

Definitely does not sound like soccer but it’s EA’s fault for making a game experience that is flawed. Thanks for the explanation! I watched the finals and Joke had Eli Manning so I figure he is a QB. Joke uses Eli and the punter, Tress Way, depending on how he intends to operate. Eli being a right and Way being a lefty because operating towards the arm of the QB takes less frames on the handoff animation.

I used to purchase cheap Madden 20 coins ever single year because 2005. With hours and I would play with. It’s been dreadful for a short time. I purchased one in the last 10ish years. I didn’t like it and that was offline against individuals not against individuals.


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