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Obviously I expect this to RS gold be downvoted and disregarded as it has at every opportunity in the past I just think that it’s really gross the attitude you’ve taken on this, it’s just outright”fuck the runescape gamers” or even”we aren’t going to do anything just risk your account lol”. Really disgusting attitude, and you’ve destroyed clues for a lot of people with it.As much as I would really like to ask more anti-alt1 measures to bring back some integrity to treasure trails, I believe the best course of action is to include more QOL upgrades. In case TTs are in a more healthy and runescape participant friendly positiona transition will be a lot easier to enact.

I get downvoted to oblivion anytime I voice my anti 3rd party solvers opinions. If we cut into the root of the problem of why runescape players utilize them at the first place and what type of QOL might help diffuse these problems, then I feel more runescape players will probably be less”REEE don’t ban alt1″So you are really pissed for Jagex making elite clues a little more arbitrary? You need to chill. Elite clues are supposed to be difficult to address. Completing an elite isn’t supposed to be 2-3 minutes walk in the park.I’m not Jagex, but I sure will downvote you to get the attitude you show lol.

When you know absolutely none of the circumstance that’s proceeded this conversation that’s not surprising but this problem has been around since the rework happened and continues to be ignored because, you may not like my attitude but sure as shit do not enjoy jagex incentivising people to place their accounts in danger because they have decided to push out legitimate runescape players and also do nothing to attack the problems posed by alt1. Obviously clues are easier that’s why the clue feature of alt1 was created in the first place and if you utilize alt1, that’s the purpose of it.Rather than shifting the character at a speed that is predetermined, we will give an acceleration in addition to them to speed. Then, once the server informs us that there’s no more motion, we can return to 0. When changing speed during 9, this may also apply. If your character runs out of how to buy gold osrs electricity and starts walking, they’ll slow down a little more softly


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