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Apart PoE Currency from the Frost Blades, there are not any items you ardently need for this construct — you mainly need to focus on the stats that come with them. First and foremost, attempt to get at least 300 precision on one piece of gear. We would recommend an amulet or a ring.Spinning is a whole lot of fun — why else could Pete Burns  and Kylie make hit songs about it? — particularly when doing so chops foes to bits in your wake. If that is your kind of thing, you will be pleased to know that this PoE build will have you twirling about like an armoured and ravenous Crash Bandicoot. The secret to the construct is the Cyclone ability, and we will scaling physical harm, life, and layers of damage where we could. That way, we’ll do plenty of harm while being in a position to facetank a good bit of harm ourselves.

This is another complicated one we are trying to crack down. If you want to see a more detailed breakdown, check out Ahfack’s thread.The Cyclone ability can be purchased from Clarissa following the Sever the Right Hand quest in Act 3. Really, you could use any of those classes for this construct, but we’d recommend shooting for the duelist.

As soon as you’ve obtained your duelist ready to go, pick the slayer ascendancy once you’ve completed the Labyrinth for the first time. As soon as you have access to its skill tree, be sure to unlock the Limitless Hunger, Brutal Fervour, Headsman, and Bane of Legends nodes.Your weapon will be the principal component for this construct, as will the stone you put into it. If we’re speaking endgame, then you’ll want to shoot for the Atziri’s Disfavour, and it is a Vaal Axe that you can get from beating the queen herself in The Alluring Abyss mission. If you’re looking for a more budget weapon you can get your hands on sooner, the Limbsplit is a solid option that’s obtainable at PoE exalted orb level 12. Just upgrade a unique axe with five battle born items.


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