All in all RS gold today was a special

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All in all RS gold today was a special day of streams and I am so thankful to all the time and effort that went into organising, doing and creating this joyous moment. All the content creators travelling far and wide to be there, the specialized team ensuring all went without a hitch, all for raising money for charity, I’m so proud to apart of this wonderful Yogscast community.

Now might’ve been my favorite day of streams so far this Jingle Jam. Quality streams. Highlight of the afternoon was unquestionably the puzzle stream though.I feel bad for Rythian because people always attempt to discredit him or call him sour when very often he isn’t being salty. Nothing makes you more happy faster than being called angry when you aren’t.

It doesn’t help when another Yogs pile on using their salt, which such as Rythian stated, makes some lovers flooding him with hate and feel justified about’s actually gone way beyond a joke at this point, and it will get a little annoying, since Rythian is one of the coolest guys out there. And it feels a bit patronising that whenever he wins recently, they’re all’Oh, well, I guess that occurred although me and Duncan desire our huge war anyhow’ to decide who actually wins out of us cause we don’t like that you just won.

Or in this particular one, where it simply feels like Lewis is being a bit sore and’Well, you just got handed it by Spiff’ and crap.. But yeah, I feel sorry for Rythian, cause it feels like he can’t win either way with a chunk of this fanbase.It’s hard. Likely if they had assaulted him early (like they said they should possess in hindsight) he’d have been angry about it. However, who would not have been upset about an premature assault that was uninitiated?

I really tried to get in touch with them. The art is original, no copy/paste. Jagex made a promise and never came through, so that I did. I made sure they’re high quality and tried to price them pretty, and I’ve made a couple for myself to make sure I stand behind everything I sell. Maybe I will find a whole lot of hate for this, but there’s always some people which may safe rs gold sites enjoy them so it’s well worth it.


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